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Samurai Champloo now free on Youtube

Samurai Champloo is one of the BEST anime out there. For those who did not get to witness This masterpiece when it was still fresh, Funimation has released the entire series for free via youtube. If I were you, i'd check it out right now!  Video below.

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Tokyo Governer wants city to become "Anime Land"

Tokyo, held a gubernatorial election Sunday, and it’s now reported the winner is Tokyo's first ever female governer, Yuriko Koike. Koike campaigned on transforming Tokyo into “anime land.” The anime land comment was made while she campaigned last month in Akihabara. Twhere she also mentioned the same thing last year, she cosplayed as classic magical girl Sally the Witch for Halloween and is considering Princess Knight for this year. Now that Koike is governor, Will her dreams become a reality? That remains to be seen..

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